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EYT is the industry expert in all things Pilates

Since 2009, EYT has been training people from different backgrounds, with different learning styles and different goals.  The one common thread - all achieve the skills needed to thrive in or launch a successful boutique studio

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EYT is superior in curriculum, support and skill development

Teach the body in front of you

We don't give you a script to memorize.  We give you the tools to "see" the body in front of you and make good movement decisions to meet your client's goals. 

Learn the Classical Repertoire 

We are lovers of the contemporary schools of thought, however we believe in learning to walk before you run.  EYT teaches you the foundations of the Classical system.

Understand the Industry and the Business

As Studio Owners for nearly 25 years, we ensure that you develop an understanding for the business of Pilates so that you can be a successful employee or, one day, a superstar Owner

Bringing together the highest standards of a classical education with a modern format 

Our hybrid online and in-person structure provides the best of yesterday, with in-person seminars and a complete in-studio apprenticeship, and combines it with modern enhancements and conveniences like a fully recorded and online curriculum for replay and study.   

Learning the Work with Five In-Person Seminars

Our seminars are full day "working sessions", where all registered students gather at their host studios and are led by EYT Master Teachers broadcasting live from EYT's east coast film studio.  Students learn the objectives, technique and purpose of each movement; are given the opportunities to practice, ask questions, and are given feedback on their work.


Comprehensive & Accessible Study Tools

EYT provides a comprehensive assemblage of study tools to meet the needs of all kinds of learners. Each student is provided with a full color, hard copy manual, credentials for nearly 100 hours of movement, anatomy, workshop material and seminar replay.  Each student also receives a weekly email with guidance and suggestions on what to accomplish each week in order to stay on track and achieve completion without overwhelm.


Full Apprenticeship through our International Network of Studios

Apprenticeships are where and how we put what we are learning into action.  It's our opportunity to make mistakes, develop our movement communication (cues), sharpen our body scans. Students have the opportunity to apprentice worldwide at one of EYT's Hosts or Affiliates.   

Q: What if I don't have a studio to practice at? 

A: We have an extensive network of studios who will welcome you with open arms.  And if you don't find one that works for you, we will work hard to negotiate a relationship a studio in your area on your behalf.  


Q: How long do I have to finish?

A: Once you are in the family, you're in forever.  We provide "soft deadlines" to help give you a structure and goal, however we understand that life happens.  Should you drift off course, we invite you back the following semester to start over. 

Q: Can I work anywhere with EYT Certificate? 

A: Technically yes, however each studio has their own rules.  Some studios may require that you sit for the NCPT exam. In order to sit for this exam, you must go through a comprehensive training program, like EYT, with and meet the minimum 400 apprentice hour requirement -- which EYT does.  Most studios will make their decision based on an audition. 


Q: Do I have to sign up for Reformer, Mat, Chair, Cadillac & Barrels all at once?

A: No.  We start with Reformer & Mat and provide all of the foundational curriculum in this module.  Upon completion, you can sign up for CCB at your convenience and at your pace 


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